Student FAQ

Can I nominate more than one teacher?
Yes, of course!

If I nominate more than one teacher from my school, can they both get the award or can only one?
Both can receive the award.

Can I nominate a middle school teacher?
No. These awards are for high school teachers only.

When will I know if the teacher I've nominated is going to get the award?
We will notify you at the beginning of the second semester.

Can I nominate a retired teacher?
We would prefer to recognize active teachers, as one of the main aspects of this award is establishing a connection between the school and MIT.

I'm an international student. Can I nominate a teacher outside the United States?

If a teacher won the award in a previous year, are they eligible to be nominated again?
No. Once a teacher has been recognized, they will not be considered again in the selection process. Check here to see a list of previous winners.

How many awards are given out each year?
Generally there are 30-35 awards given each year.

What do the teachers who are selected receive?
From the MIT Inspirational Teacher Award Committee, teachers will receive a certificate and an MIT Inspirational Teacher crystal paperweight, an Athena account to access MIT resources, and a packet detailing MIT opportunities for high school teachers, students and schools. Anything additional is up to the discretion of the MIT Clubs celebrating the teacher.

I don't see my question here, what should I do?
Email us!