MIT Inspirational Teacher Award

Most of us have had a high school teacher, counselor, or coach who stands out in our hearts and memories as a significant influence in our lives. The lessons such outstanding educators teach often go far beyond the subject matter of their fields. They may instill values and a love of learning that shape our educational and career choices, and guide us throughout our adult lives. MIT wishes to recognize a few of the exceptional high school educators who have influenced the lives of our students.

Selections will be made on the basis of information and insights presented in on-line nominations, submitted by current MIT students. This award is intended to provide a vehicle for MIT students to recognize high school teachers who inspired them and to celebrate outstanding educators and provide high schools with a stronger connection to the breadth of MIT's offerings.

Nominated teachers and their respective school administrators will receive an acknowledgement letter from the MIT Alumni Association Inspirational Teacher Award Committee. An MIT-based selection committee will review nominations and make selections in January. Recipients of the award will receive a certificate from MIT, a packet of MIT program information, and celebratory recognition by participating MIT Alumni Clubs in their local area, when possible.